Need It For Tonight, the 90 minute fashion delivery app, was founded by Simone and Roxanne Oloman, the dynamic sister duo revolutionising local shopping. 

Their journey began when Roxanne was unable to source an outfit for an event due to a delivery mishap. The sisters wondered how in London, the city of ultimate convenience, there was no solution for same-day fashion delivery, and set out to change that. 

The goal is not to prioritise convenience over sustainability, but to bring local boutiques and bricks-and-mortar independent stores onto a level playing field with digital pure players, encouraging prosperity in the local community. By making conscious, high-quality brands available for delivery, convenience is no longer a barrier to making sustainable choices.

Grounded in their experience working for VC-backed startups and scale-ups, Simone and Roxanne worked to build efficient technology that addresses pain points like long wait times and missed deliveries. By offering store-to-door delivery in just 90 minutes, the NIFT fashion delivery app provides local boutiques with a wider platform than ever, and seamlessly integrates conscious shopping into your day.